Black Berkey Filter Slowing Down

by admin on November 2, 2011

Black Berkey slowing down? If you are like me, you take your Berkey water filters everywhere you go.  For me, it is my Berkey Sport bottle when I am on the run and my Big Berkey when I am out camping.  The great thing about the Big Berkey is that it uses the incredibly powerful Black Berkey filter.  But when I am camping, the speed with which I can filter water sometimes gets decreased due to sediment building up on the filter.

The simple fact is, any water filter is going to eventually get clogged and slow down when you are filtering water that has a lot of debris in it.  Sometimes this cannot be helped.  You find the water that is available and let the Berkey do the rest.  There are a few things you can do to keep your Berkey filtering quickly  when you are out on range.  First, you can take a 5 gallon bucket with and let the water that you collect sit for a while.  This will allow time for the sediment to settle to the bottom.  The less sediment, the less likely you are to have Black Berkey filters that get clogged.

Second, you can pre-filter your water.  There are many ways to do this.  One way is to pour your unfiltered water though a coffee filter or two.  They will catch a great deal of sediment.  Another method of pre-filtering your water is to take a five gallon bucket, drill a few holes in the bottom, line the bottom with cheese cloth, and then fill the bucket with sand.  The sand will take out a lot of the sediment that clogs and slows the Black Berkey filter elements.

When all the pre-filtering techniques have been used, you still may deal with some sediment.  This will clog your filter.  The solution at this point is to grab a green Scotchbrite pad and genteily scrub the surface of the filter while running water over the filter.  This will remove the debris as well as a very thin layer of the filter.  That should be enough to get the volume up to normal.


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