Big Berkey Water Filter Spigot Leaking

by admin on May 13, 2013

Today I want to address a question I get from time to time regarding Big Berkey water filter spigot leaks.  The Big Berkey water filter, like all of the stainless steel models manufactured by New Millennium Concepts comes with a hole in the lower chamber that receives a spigot.  The spigot that has been shipping recently comes with 1 nut, one beveled white washer and one flat black washer.  If the spigot is not installed with the washers pointing the right direction and with the proper amount of pressure on the nut, it is possible for the spigot to leak where it goes though the wall of the lower chamber.  By following a few simple steps, any leaks you have in your Berkey water filter should be cleared up.  Here are the steps to follow:

How to Install a Spigot on a Big Berkey

  1. Remove the nut (3) and washers (1,2) that were shipped with the spigot.
  2. Identify the white beveled washer(1) and place the beveled part of the washer away from the spigot as indicated in the picture.
  3. Now that the beveled white washer is installed, place the spigot through the hole in the lower chamber of the Berkey water filter.
  4. Now take the black washer (2) and place it on the spigot from the inside of the lower chamber.
  5. Now install the black nut (3) loosely.
  6. Hold the spigot with your hand and rotate it to the left one quarter turn so that the spigot is laying on its side.
  7. While holding the spigot on the outside of the filter, reach to the inside of the filter and hand tighten the black nut.
  8. The final step is apply the correct torque or tightness to the spigot.  While still holding the spigot on the outside and the nut on the inside, rotate the spigot to the upright position while holding the nut firmly.

Following these simple steps will insure that your Big Berkey water filter is installed correctly, reducing the risk of the spigot leaking.  The last step is very important.  Too much pressure or too little pressure on the washers can cause leaking.

Berkey Spigot Assembly Berkey Spigot Assembly

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